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NewsPosted by Venilil Sun, October 04, 2015 13:13:45
The weeks have gone by really fast and now 6 puppies have left for their new homes. It's always really sad to say goodbye to our little ones but we couldn't be more happy with all the new owners, we are sure they will all be deeply loved and very well taken care of. We would like to wish them all a very long, happy and healthy life together! :)

Brando! Owned and loved by: Vicki Kiriakidi & George Papamichail (Greece)

Theseus! Owned and loved by: George Karampellas & Marina Koutarelli (Greece/UK)

Hector! Owned and loved by: Aneta & Vladimir Galic (Skopje)

Mikis! Owned and loved by: Tina Serveta (Greece)

Starla! Owned and loved by: Nantia Hatzi (Greece)

Missa! Owned and loved by: Avak Manikian (Greece)

Homer! Is staying home with us at Venilil (Greece)

Hercules! Is looking for a new, loving, home <3 Please contact us for more info or visit the litter's page here for more photos.

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